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Joida is most popular ecotourism destination with beautiful surroundings made for nature lovers. Enjoy Adventure Activities & Sightseeing in and around Dandeli and Joida. Book your stay in Dandeli & Joida. Get a wide range of homestays and holiday packages in Dandeli & Joida.

Joida is a small town in the Western Ghats of Karnataka lying in the Uttara Kannada district. Joida comes under Anshi Tiger Reserve Area, this reserve area is one of the 30 Tiger reserve area in India, just 1 km from Patoli on Dandeli-Jjoida Road. Joida is covered in the dense forest of about 87% and Joida district having lowest population in Karnataka State.

Most of the homestays in Dandeli actually comes under the Joida ecotourism region. Come and explore Joida Eco Tourism.

Welcome to Joida

Explore the unexplored.

Scenic Beauty Around Joida

Surrounded by evergreen forest and amazing nature beauty

Wildlife and Nature

Tiger, Gaur, Black Panther, Elephant and more

Wildlife and Nature

Tiger, Gaur, Black Panther, Elephant and more

Beautiful Birds

250+ Species of birds spotted around Joida


Most commonly found around Joida

Enjoy White Water Rafting

Most popular and key attraction of Joida

Tribes & Lifestyle

Discover Tribes, lifestyle, culture, and food. Worth Experiencing.

Evergreen Dense Forest

Joida covered by 87% of dense forest and 532 feet above sea level

Kali River

Kali river originated in Kushavali, Joida.

1048 Meter Tall Terali Betta

Uttarakannada’s highest hill called “Terali Betta” is in Joida its 1048 meter tall

Tribes & Lifestyle

Discover tribes, lifestyle, culture & organic food. Worth Experiencing!

Get to know what makes Joida so unique