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Kaadumane is very special destination as the name indicates its located in thick forect and sorrounded by special trees, birds and plants. Speciality of Kaadumane is Herbal Plants, Herbal Steam Bath. More than accommodation Kaadumane involved in nature awareness, education for the tourists and school and college students, here you will get to see good number of herbal plants and trees which you never seen just heard about the names.

Kaadumane spreading awareness of nature and animals and their role in balancing the nature, many tourists visit this place to get knowledge about nature.

Herbal Steam Bath, Herbal Tea are speciality of Kaadumane, which is prepared from pure nature elements no artificial ingredients. Herbal treatment are very effective and having no sie effects.
Kaadumane Highlights Stay at Kaadumane
  • 32 variety of birds
  • 23 variety of trees
  • 140 variety of herbal plants
  • 42 variety of fruit trees (in growth stage)
  • 13 variety of lemon plants
  • 10 variety of banaba trees
  • Malbar Joint squirel & Flying squirel seen
  • Herbal bath and 5 variety herbal tea
  • Homeybee interation
  • Ale mane / Sugarcane preparation unit
  • Mud House - Seperate Bathroom and Toilet
  • Tent House on sharing basis
  • 30 person accommodation capacity
  • Traditional Organic Food
  • Trible village visit
  • Jungle Safari
  • Caves visit
  • Water Rafting and other water sports